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Maxscript Sal Render Assistant
to install drag the mcr file into 3Ds Max and put the mse file inside the startup directory then start 3Ds Max, you will see SalTools menu, if you didn't see it you can set shortcut or tool button, the macro script category is SalTools
I have created this script while I was working in rendering animation series pilot episode, I had a scene that has about 50 camera, I had to render those cameras the hard way, or do it in code, so i started writting the core of render camreas script, and I got this idea for the animated cameras and for the cameras that has more than one frame to render is to put the range or those frames in the camera name
so if you want to render those frames you must name your camera for example Camera001_A_1,3,5-12   
this way the script will understand that this camera is not a still camera and those frames need to be rendered also
clicking on the cameras list will select this camrera and veiw it,
double clicking will create folder with the camera name inside the folder spicified in the Direc text field
inside this camera folder you will see folders for each render element you have in your settings like this
CameraXXX_Tag (this is your scene render file folder, the Tag is specified in the dilaoge above, I normall use BG for bachground and CH for characters)
-Submit 'A' Cameras to Backburner, this will render all selected cameras locally, but the animated cameras with _A_ naming will only be submit to the Backburner
-Submit All Cameras to Backburner, this will submit selected still and animated cameras to Backburner, let's say you want to do other things in your machine so your render farm can handle even the single frames you want to render
-Render All Cameras Locally this will render all selected cameras on your machine, for the 'A' cameras if you have too many frames to render this might take a long time to finish
-Job Prefix this is the name prefix for your render job inside backburner , so I can tell those jobs for which scene and so own
-Tag this will be used as a render job Suffix, it's also will be used in render folders and image, I made this tag to separate the background backburner jobs, and render folders from the characters backburner jobs and render folders
Process fıles so the solution I am using for submitting animation files to render, for animation files you need to do something for them all the time, at least put the render settings and the render output files and so on, for me I seriously worked in animation files that I had really need to use allllllll those process above, so I had two options is to live with this nightmare of fixing all those problems manually or script my way out, those process are the solutions of the problems I had, if I worked in render an animation episodes again, you will see more versions of this script are coming out.
you can show and hide those process , the hidden process will not be executed, but they also keep their data
-Files To Process here were you spicify the files that you are going to proccess , to open a file select it in the file list then press the open button  .
NOTE1: when you press the open button, your current file is not going to be saved
NOTE2: the file will be open and all the dialoges that might appear it's default button going to be pressed, just like keep pressing enter when open file with many start popups, but some of those dialogs are important like Scene Unit that if you didn't choose the right value your scene will open messy
so to solve this open the animation scene normally for once, then choose the right unit handling, then you can go back and use the script
- you might need to merge some files to the scene, like lights or the matt ground,
paste the directoy that have those files then select the files in the field below the directory field, then press add
this way it's going to be added to the field under it, the lowest field contains the files that are going to be merged,
-you can change the directory again, the field under it it's going to change, but the merged files field aren't going to be changed , what I mean that you can gather files from different folders and add them to the objects to be merged, 
-To remove file from the merged file list use double click
- you might want to keep a version of the files you are processing so you have the option to save those files as to a different directory, so you can use this process to do that copy the directory you want to save as from windows explorer to the directory field above
-I use this process to solve new problems, after this problem is solved I usually add the solution to the rest of the processes, if you have knowledge about maxscript you can use this, 
-errors of the script pasted in this field are not going to be shown, so if the script has an error nothing will happened, 
- don't edit your script in this field, edit it in the script editor then pasted in the field
now all the proccess under this one use objects names, so in case you have objects with the same name, and you want to do a process on one of them it's going to be a problem, that's why I have created Make Objects Names Different this is a button you can execute in your current file and it's also can be enabled in file processing, what this button do is looking for the objects with the same name then change their names to become different (hopefully in a standered pattern)
- if you want to change some object name to another use Change To fields, this way it's going to be added to the field below, to remove certain name change use double click 
-if you saw the video above, I have used this process to parent the hair with the head and place it on it's place, to do that for example, select the head control and the press the Add Selected under the Parents label, then select the hair mesh and press Add Selected under the Objects label
-what this process do is parent objects then Transform To Zero , so this is how the hair got into it's place, if the objects transforms are not zeroed out, the process will just parent those objects 
- to remove object use double click
you can replace multiple CAT rigs with rg3 files,
-To add character copy the CAT parent object name and pasted in Add Character field and press enter
-To Remove character double click on it's name in the list
-you can browse for the rg3 file, each character has diffrent rg3 files settings 
-None CAT Animated Objects, are the objects that CAT don't save their animation, for example the face controls, 
-So what this process do ...
1- Select the None CAT Animated Objects
2-Save their animation to temp file
3-Replace CAT character with the choosen rg3 file
4-Select the None CAT Animated Objects
5-Load their animation from that temp file
-These two processes are ver simple to understand and the just do what you expect if the files exists
it annoys me a lot that CAT bones are renderable by default, I don't understand why , but anyway this process job is to hide or show the objects , layers or category that you choose,
- to add object use Add Selected or paste it's name in the box above
- to add layer copy it's name from the manage layers dialog and pasted in the text field
- to remove object use double click
-to Assign Materials to certain objects
1-Paste the material name in the field under Materials label
2-Select the material it in the list box below, 
3-Select the objects you want them to be assigned to it in the viewport then press on Add Selected
- to remove object use double click
this process help you to load skin envelope to a skined object
-select the object you want use this process on then press Add Objects
- browse for the env file, you have also the object to click match by name
-each object has it's own env file and match by name setting
-this will run your cloth simulation base on the settings you had in them, actually I haven't tried this one much but I hope it will be good for you, this option is good if you don't need to change your cloth properties from scene to another
-to add objects, select them in the viewport then press Add Selected
- to remove object use double click
-some objects causes problems when adding turbosmooth to them , for example if they have skin wrap or surface attachment or whatever, and sometimes you might want to cache dynamicly animated objects so this proccess will be handy, it helped me a lot to solve those kind of problems

-to add objects, select them in the viewport then press Add Objects
- to remove object use double click
this will add shell modifier to the listed objects
-To add objects select them in the viewport then click Add Objects
-To remove object use double click
-all objects uses the same Inner Amount and Outer Amount

this will add Turbosmooth modifier to the listed objects, and if it was already added, it's going to be deleted then added again
-To add objects select them in the viewport then click Add Selecteds
-To remove object use double click
-all objects uses the same Ilterations value
this proccess will create folders and set file names for render and for Render Elements, it's the same as Render Cameras double click on the top of this documentation,but this one has more options to set the output name prefix, you can set it from camera name like Render Cameras script, or you can set it from the file name,
-Tag is going to be prefix for folders I usually use BG for backgrounds and CH for characters, you can use whatever you want, like if you are rendering Trees set it to TR, 
-to save or not to save, this is the question that you need to answer
-Render Test it will just render the image and will not save any file
-Render And Save, it's the same as pressing the render button in max, it will render and save your files based on your settings
-Submit To Backburner, this will send the file to Backburner to render it .
-Render Test Then Submit To Backburner, if you are sure that there will be no problems you can just use the Submit To Backburner, if you know that more problems might show off you can Render Test to see what kind of problems you are going to have next, I used Render Test Then Submit To Backburner   when I am in the middle, I am not so sure that I have seen all the problems in these files and I need to be more careful when I submit to Backburner
Note: some process has Add Objects others has Add Selected, Sorry about that they are the same function I only noticed that they has different names when I was making this doc
Thank you for using my script, please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin for updates and more scripts :)
Maxscript Sal Render Assistant

Maxscript Sal Render Assistant

This script is my solution for render pipeline in 3Ds Max, if I want to render too many cameras or submitting too many animation files to the ren Read More