The Task
The Corporation of Arts & Culture Phidias, is a non profit organization based in Florina, Greece.Its goal is to organize cultural happenings, having as main target, applied arts and to promote cultural events and artists.

The Concept
Taking into account, not only the corporate identity of the organization, but the visual design for the promotion of the events, we decided to design a logo that can be viewed in various shapes and forms, according to the field it refers to.

The Solution
The icon of the logo is the letter “Φ” (phi), as the initial of the name “Φειδίας”(Phidias) and the symbol of the Golden Ratio, designed in an oblique way to give a dynamic shape of the logo. The borderline in the center of the icon is gold, symbolizing the golden ratio. The shape of the icon can change form, according to the event and field, as the golden borderline remains in the same spot. For the title of the logo and the organization's design needs, we designed a font named “Gotio”. The font will also be present in a variety of information and promotional means.


Client: Εταιρέια Τέχνης & Πολιτισμού Φειδίας (Corporation of Arts & Culture Phidias)

Creative / Art Direction: Dimitris Chatzelas
Designer: Dimitris Chatzelas
Print ​Designer: Nikos Karapatakis