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Byso, Reference to Ideation Flagship Showroom, seoul

Byso, Reference to Ideation Flagship Showroom, seoul

Brand Space Composition and Element Design
January 2023 - ing

We conducted the overall design according to the concept and development of the Byso Yongsan flagship showroom. By setting the same theme of Reference to Ideation in the design concept and space concept, we have constructed all design and offline materials on the web with the aim of inspiring furniture in space.
Brand space major signage design concept

According to the concept and development of the Byso Yongsan flagship showroom, the signage design of the modern graphic was organized, and the icon graphics focused on furniture, the design expressing the characteristics of each floor, and the verb branding accordingly.



MARBLE FURNITURE is a space of elegant and luxurious furniture. The showroom on the first floor, which combines eye-catching marble finishes and sophisticated designs, features marble furniture from byso and a variety of signature products. In addition, you can make your own customized dining table by changing various marble and ceramics to your desired size. There are various furniture products such as modern and sophisticated sofas, tables, chairs, and cabinets, so you can find items that suit your taste and interior style. We have an environment where you can experience and check all the products, and the expert in charge is kindly guiding you.


Mid-Century Two-story Space in the byso Flagship Showroom

MIDCENTURY FURNITURE is a special space where you can see unique and sophisticated design furniture for your customers, with furniture representing the mid-century style of byso. The space features furniture such as sofa, chair, table, and lighting representing the mid-century style, and you can find products with sophisticated finishing techniques. Neat and concise lines and curves, the use of natural materials and wood, and iKONIC design elements combine harmoniously to deliver mid-century-style beauty to customers. Arranged furniture provides comfort and practicality with an antique mid-centuries design.


KITSCH FURNITURE is a unique showroom space featuring byso kitsch and fun furniture, providing creative inspiration and enjoyment to individual and original furniture seekers.

The third floor of the showroom is a space where you can feel the atmosphere of kitsch and fun as the name suggests. The interior of the space is decorated with bright, colorful colors and walls full of unique patterns, pleasant lighting and fun decorative elements.

It has unique shapes that capture the kitsch atmosphere and unique design elements through furniture such as objects, tables, chairs, and lighting, so you can decorate your space with unique and unique characteristics.

The cool rooftop space of the byso flagship showroom

OUTDOOR FURNITURE is a special place where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yongsan and Namsan Tower due to the location of the rooftop. RF displays outdoor furniture of various designs and styles with a beautiful background. Furniture such as tables, chairs, hammocks and sunshades with elegant design elements gives customers a unique experience of enjoying outdoor spaces. The RF, which boasts a beautiful view of Yongsan and Namsan Tower as a rooftop, can test furniture and enjoy the beauty of the city while enjoying the cool breeze in a comfortable outdoor space. It is a unique space that provides visitors with a break from their daily lives and encounters with nature, helping them choose furniture while providing new ideas and inspiration.


The Modern Underground Space of the byso Flagship Showroom

REFERENCE FURNITURE is a special place where modern and stylish furniture from byso are displayed to provide customers with designs and styles to refer to. Located on the first basement floor, this space has a quiet and sophisticated atmosphere, showing a modern collection of furniture and providing customers with space design ideas to follow the trend. Luxurious furniture such as modern sofas, tables, chairs, etc. offer an option to complete a modern interior style.

Various elements of the space were arranged in a grid-type layout and divided into eight sections to form the main image of web design, and poster design was conducted to revive the characteristics of furniture by floor.
Byso, Reference to Ideation Flagship Showroom, seoul

Byso, Reference to Ideation Flagship Showroom, seoul


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