Nine Holes

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  • Golf is often considered a lavish pastime and may seem curiously out of place in the harsh and semi-arid environment of the Karoo.  Even though the towns in this region are small and isolated, almost all sport a nearby golf course. It is clear that space is not a problem, but limited water means that the greens are covered with sand rather than grass and trees are sparse or non-existent.
    Golf takes on a modest from in this environment, both in appearance and in function, and in certain cases the obvious dilapidation of the greens show that they have seen better days. By photographing these sandy circles against the vast backdrop of the Karoo landscapes, I hope to show something of the character of this novelty.
  • Noupoort
  • Hanover
  • Carnarvon
  • Fraserburg
  • Richmond
  • Vosburg
  • Victoria West
  • Prince Albert
  • Hopetown
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