HoHo Hats already had a brand and a loyal following, but they wanted to heighten the overall experience of their brand. I lead the discovery of how we were going to do that, and articulated it in three ways: 1) increase awareness of their custom designs and quality materials, 2) expand the brand and consumer awareness by giving users a great visual experience, and 3) making it a pleasure for them to find and purchase merchandise.
I started the discovery process by analyzing merchandise offerings with consumer demand. The result is a definitive business direction combined with a streamlined user experience and user journey throughout.
The next aspect to overcome was establishing visual direction and win the client over to invest in high-quality, custom, and tasteful photography, and not to settle for mediocrity. The result: a wonderful visual and interactive experience that has increased users spending more time on the website and purchases.
Building a catalog and item page is a fairly simpe thing... but building a custom designed and hand made hat experience is quite another story. In this instance below, I designed methods and a display models where a user could choose available fabrics and ornamentation so that they could own the custom made hat that they designed. The set of available fabrics change on a regular basis, so I had to accommodate for that in the design, planning, and production.
These methods and he display models I created use custom HTML, CSS, Java Script, along with several image masks based upon user variables.
Custom Hat Design
Reversed Style
Detail of the Swarovski Crystal
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