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    The series of posters designed for International Society of Typographic Designers Competition 2011
Explore the world of fakery
Artificial, bogus, counterfeit, fabricated, fictitious, forged, mock, hoax, phony, reproduction, sham are just some of the synonymsof the word fake. We are surrounded by fakery
in our every day life and nature. Mostly it is interpreted negatively.

During the aftermath of the 1982 Falklands war, a recording resurfaced into a public domain, containing a conversation between British prime minister Margaret Thatcher
and US President Ronald Reagan. It was initially considered by the US Sate Department
to have been propaganda produced by the Soviet KGB. During the course of the tape Reagan seems to state his intention to use Europe as a battle front to show the Soviet leaders the US’s resolve in a nuclear conflict, whilst Thatcher appears to imply that  HMS Sheffield was deliberately sacrificed in order to escalate the Falklands war. In 1984 The Observer identified the true source as Crass, the anarcho-punk band, which spliced together exerpts of speeches by the minister and the President.The hoax is refered to as Thatchergate. Excerpts of the recording can be heard in the Crass track
Powerless with a guitar.