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Translated - Human Touch


Even if we don’t realize it, we translate everyday. We translate others. Every look, every micro expression, every gesture, every touch, every tic means something for us. That’s why nothing translates a human like a human. “Human Touch”, our latest campaign for Translated, is out now worldwide.

Translated pioneered a way for humans and machines to empower each other. This incredible symbiosis brings the uniqueness of humans and the capacity and speed of machines together, helping billions of people faster than ever before. For Translated, language is the most human thing there is. We believe in humans, and want to continue to strengthen the relationship between them and technology

Agency: AUGE Communication
ECD: Federica Ariagno, Giorgio Natale
Creative Supervisor/Copywriter: Riccardo Stazione
Art Director: Alessandro Borrelli
Producer: Jessica Ferguson

Director: Martin Werner
DOP: Tommaso Terigi

Production Company: Mercurio
Executive Producer: Luca Fanfani
Production Manager: Daniele Pau
Producer: Martina Perversi
Assistant Producer: Veronica Tremolada
Stylist: Valentina Mezzani
Set Designer: Stella Lombardo
Post Producer: Roberta Caimi
Editor: Eleonora Cao
Colorist: Daniel Pallucca

“Human Touch” Original Score 
Original Score Music: Michele Braga
Lyrics and Voice: Bea Sanjust
 ©Tabula Rasa Edizioni Musicali
Post Production: Iggy Post
Post Production audio: The Log

Translated - Human Touch