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    Daisy flower that is frozen in an ice cube.
It was a hot day ...
Icy Daisy
... and I decided to work on something with ice cubes. I'm always fascinated about optics – how light gets refracted, shadows and distorion of objects in water or ice.

I finally decided to put a daisy in an ice cube. The puddle under the ice cube tells that the cube is already melting (it's really hot here). The bubbles in the ice adds some more drama – the last air bubbles of the daisy before the water slowly reached its frozen state.
Seeing water for the first time
As I accidentally removed the ice cube the result was fascinating too. Like a lifeform the daisy seems to slowly approach the puddle like seeing water for the first time.
This artwork has been built with Blender 3D and Photoshop. 

On my website you will find more production shots and test renderings of the scene.
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