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    Redesign for Matina Sotiropoulou's fashion blog Spotted/M.

Fashion blogs tend to use merely the style provided by the hosting platform by default. Matina Sotiropoulou of Spotted/M asked me to design a unique fashion blog which would be used as a reference for all works around the brand Spotted/M.

The platform styles were all switched off, and started from scratch. The idea was to design a visual flow of blog posts in such a way that the user would not be distracted by useless visual elements such as unneeded patterns, borders with no practical use etc. Playfulness was introduced through subtle smart animations instead of using patterns unrelated to the content.

A blog post listed on the home page animated using viewport-based parallax effects
Tag-based featured images used to navigate through the main content to the actual blog posts
Special taxonomies such as colour tags are used to navigate through a specific aspect of the main content
Special treatment of mobile-device handling of styles and content properties

Try it out at www.spottedm.com

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