Skiing in Estearn Europe

A "freeride trip," that's what we call the idea of ​​a trip when you're a backcountry skier. To find the powder, I accompanied a small Peugeot 206, two friends of more than 3500 km across eight countries in the east of us. On our 10 day trip in January 2010, we skied four times.

Avid skier myself, I enjoyed photographing the journey of two young riders happy to skip rock bars in Alagna in Italy, down the slopes of Bovec in Slovenia or to get a night in Bratislava covered by snow.

Freeride skiing is an extreme sport that combines all the lovers of skiing off the beaten path of traditional competitions known to the general public. The image is very important in this growing practice for fifteen years. To my way, I tried to recreate the lives of these riders with or without their skis on this trip to the East. Skiing is the pretext for the discovery