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    A Journey through my past as an Illustrator
I found it very interesting to go through my old drawings and
paintings and I was wondering how I would draw them today.
So I came up with kind of an evolution of my work as an illustrator.

I took the original drawings that my parents fortunately kept in a portfolio
and reinterpreted them in a style that I used back in secondary school.
At this time I was possessed by the work of an American illustrator and artist
called Alex Pardee. I drew everything in a style heavily inuenced by him.

The next step was to draw the old stuff like I would draw them nowadays,
which was kind of hard because I’m not so into drawing Santa Claus and
stuff like that anymore. I looked at the original drawings and thought
about what I had in mind drawing them. I wanted to execute the thoughts
I had back then with techniques I learned and inuences I absorbed over the years.
Thank you for your time!