“Indubitably, Magic is one of the subtlest and most difficult of the sciences 
and arts. There is more opportunity for errors of comprehension, judgment 
and practice than in any other branch of physics.”
-Aleister Crowley

Magic is an individualistic experience geared towards spiritual growth. It an essential aspect of the human experience. Shadow: Magic & the Arts is a zine based on the idea of a witches' book of shadows - a collection of information to serve as a guide, and to provide magical insight in regards to the every day. The zine is divided into two sections, the first being text-heavy & primarily produced in black & white. The latter section focusing on viewing magic through the historical lens of art. This particular issue is designed to explore patterns & their ability to offer new experiences, as well as featuring the works of Goya, Durer & Falero.
Table of Contents, inspired by Abramelin's Magic Squares.
 “Every intentional act is a Magical Act.”
-Aleister Crowley
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Shadow: a Zine