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Content Strategy

Con Edison:  I currently serve as the energy firm's content specialist for their parent website and mobile application, delivering editorial content and outling the message strategy for the internal business and residential departments. 

Droga5:  For the leading ad agency, I served as an Interim Content Strategist, assisting with the development of  UX wireframes for Chase Pay's app release to a national marketplace, which includes directive copy optimized with SEO keywords. For Mattress Firm, I researched the category landscape for online community reviews and delivered insights aiding the brand's new sleep technology campaign. 
Allianz Global Investors:  With the leading financial services firm, I assembled the user experience for a US website project and drafted optimized copy, including key marketing pages using Sitecore 8. 
Publicis:  With the leading ad agency, I served as a content strategist, working across disciplines of web production and UX writing. I assembled responsive platforms for Heineken's key marketing sections (Music, Soccer), Red Lobster's Endless Shrimp campaign and several of P&G's leading brands for US and international campaigns.  To execute fresh digital strategy, I performed a quantitative and qualitative audit on the YouTube brand video channels for Dawn and Tampax and developed content briefs optimized with SEO principles for the new Meta Wellness site.  

Digital Content - Social and Email

Cancer Care:  For the New York-based non-profit organization, I wrote copy across multiple platforms. These include the October 2013 Newsletter and print materials for The Stories of Help and Hope Campaign (acquisition form, appeal letter).  I also developed scripts for their social media feeds to drive a Thanksgiving campaign.  
Annual Holiday Giving Template
CTS Art:  In 2013 for independent curator Lynn Del Sol, I wrote page descriptions on Pinterest to improve lead generation for the gallery's social media strategy.  I also wrote blog entries during the month of May 2013 for the following sections:  reblog in 10, fortune cookie art quotes, and must see art exhibitions.  

Blueliner Marketing LLC:
These two samples represent my project experience rebuilding the Portfolio section on Blueliner Marketing's home website in the Summer of 2010.  For each section, I rewrote website copy, embedded videos, and attached plug-in applications to improve the overall user experience. 
Ksino:  Link
CMS Forex:  Link

Interactive Marketing Column
This is a sample of my daily column covering interactive marketing trends in the greater industry.  I look at the changes that corporations are making in the digital age, from website design to customer relationship management.  I am also interested in how corporations are determining value propositions through new key performance metrics.  Each industry is going through this seismic shift. I analyzed the sector for two years on the corporate blog for Blueliner Marketing LLC. This original content was also posted on Talent Zoo, an Atlanta-based advertising/marketing job board.   

Talent Zoo:  Link

Press Releases: Blueliner Marketing LLC

Jack Georges Copywriting Samples:

Father's Day Social Media Promotion:  Link

Elements Collection Product Description:  Link

National Grid:  Oil-to-Gas Conversion Text:  For National Grid, I served as the Content Editor, rewriting website copy and editing text in the front end of the HTML interface.  I also added content to the Residential and Business pages for Oil to Gas conversion candidates.

Social Media Week:  To promote the arrival of Social Media Week in New York, I wrote about the movement of digital strategy.  Link

Street Theory Gallery:    
I crafted a social media strategy for the new Boston arts collective, driving visibility and building links to promote the Underground Mural Ink Project, painted in the South End and sponsored by Delta and Reebok. Learn more at
Digital Projects