Akbank Kur & Yönet
"Akbank Build & Manage" / Real-time Strategy Advergame
Build and raise your company from a small workshop to a fully equipped factory. It's time to run your own business!

Build & Manage is a very detailed real-time online strategy game, created for Turkey's one of the biggest banks, Akbank. You, as a player, could select from different industry fields (which changes in-game graphics), build your own factory and start to produce goods in real-time.

New departments, features, missions and bonuses unlock as you earn money and advance through the game. There are also many banking features which enables you to open a corporate account, make automated payments, take loans and progress faster in game...

In competition mode, players were asked to take their company to highest level and collect as much experience points as they can in 8 days to win exclusive prizes.

Awards & Recognitions

Kristal Elma 2012: Kristal Elma (Best Advergame)
Mixx Awards Turkey 2012: Golden Mixx (Best Advergame)
Digital Age Awards 2011: Advergame of the Year
Midas Awards 2011: Golden Midas (Best Use of Medium)
Midas Awards 2011: Silver Midas (Art Direction)
Midas Awards 2011: Silver Midas (Navigation)
Midas Awards 2011: Silver Midas (Illustration)
Midas Awards 2011: Silver Midas (Banking)
Akbank Kur & Yönet (Build & Manage) / Advergame