O Retábulo de El Dorado | Centro Cultural de Vila Flor
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    Illustration for the “Oficina” theatre
Centro Cultural Vila Flôr
This was one of the first collaborations I had with Atelier Martino&Jana, in a project entitled "Laboratório Piloto" where I and some of my classmates of ESAD were invited to participate actively in projects related to Centro Cultural Vila Flôr and Oficina.
In this particular project I worked in partnership with Letícia Caldas who was also one of the invited students.
In total there were five students, each one with distinct design characteristics which brought greater plurality of solutions and where very interesting graphic marriages took place.
The whole construction process was very enriching, because in addition to having direct contact with the actors and the production of the play, we could also see the dressing rooms, the production of scenography, as well as the clothes and accessories. The possibility to observe rehearsals and the commitment of all the people of that project was not only motivating but also made ​​us feel that we were part of the whole project.
This poster and postcards reflect an experience with the collected information and was one of my first steps to take a language clearly connected with collage and composition of all elements.
[Photography by Letícia Caldas]