Boutique Creativa hired me to design a promotional gadget to give
to their clients for Christmas 2009.

I asked myself: “Who doesn’t like playing a board game on Christmas?”

So I came up with a board game that answers the clients’ most common question:
“Which is the right creative agency for my new project?”
It’s a real game: printed in 4 Pantone colours, containing 9 cards, 4 pawns and 2 dies.
Each square tells about a curious or historic fact from the history of graphic design.
The 9 Questions logo is the number 9 “dressed” like a Joker. 

Printed in 4 colours: Metallic 877C, Metallic 875C, Pantone Fluo 811 C, black.

Paper used: Tintoretto Gesso 320 g/mq.