Maison Théâtre 2014-15
For a second year running, Studio ByeBye Bambi developed La Maison Théâtre's annual campaign. For this season, we explored the use of paper through a hand-crafted, silk-screened, layer-based installation.

Approaching paper through layering alludes to the campaign's themes of inter-generational change; like how layers of paint on a wall tell the story of the families who once lived there.

The visual is comprised of triptique of die-cut silhouettes, exposing a larger installation that lives behind the scene. The adult evoking the idea of parenthood and guidance, the child in it's innocence and curiosity, and the theatre in it's entirety as it's watched by both of them. 
Directeur de création : Fred Estimbre
Directeur Artistique : Michael Mason 
Illustrations : Michael Mason 
Photos : Julie Langenegger Lachance

Stratégie : Florian Schedler
Stratégie web : Pauline Loctin
Web : Kokomo

Impression sérigraphie : Iris Sautier - La bourgeoise Sérigraphe
Campagne Maison théâtre 2014-15