Works of May
A design or illustration every week in 2011
This is a personal challenge for myself to create a minimum of 1 design or illustration every week in 2011. I'll be trying to post once or more very week in my Facebook first so like me now and catch it first.

Week 19

The Blue Elephant

Based on a story of a little elephant who meets a bird who is a brilliant blue. He asks the bird how he got so blue and the bird said he flew so high that he reached the sky and the colour dripped all over him.

The little elephant decides that he wants to be blue rather than a dull gray so he decided he must climb to the highest mountains so he can suck the blue from the sky.
Week 20:
Cat courier

I have been drawing a lot of cats lately.
( = ^ y ^ =) meow~

Previously, i titled this design as "Cat carrier" but decided to change it to "Cat courier " as this cat is a postman and it delivered mouse to its custom