Models & Portraiture
Growing up in photography, I have always taken a stronger interest in shooting people over still life and landscapes. Having someone in a picture automatically adds life to it ; no matter how lonely the scene. Mainly inspired by high fashion and a little indie roots, these are the end products of what I have come up with. Model photography never stops.
This was taken during my very first model shoot. It also happened to be the model's first shoot as well. Based on an oldern-day Parisian theme, I blew out the colors to give it an aged look.

Credit: Yvonne Chua
Friends divided by distance. This was taken at an old railway where trains run from Singapore all the way to Thailand. It is no longer being used today but it has left behind a historical legacy.

Credit: Feodore
The little lost girl with the little lost dog. I found the arrangement of trees to be particularly interesting, so I took a photo of my sister holding our family pet as she waited for the car to pick us up. 

Credit: Daphne Ng
During my 21st birthday, the party had a rockstar theme. To kill time before the party began, I got hold of my guitar, told my sister to sit down with it at the hotel lobby and I grabbed this dramatic shot.

Credit: Daphne Ng
The following two shots are a continuation of the dance series, only that they are static in this set. The basement was hot and stuffy with the occasional car driving past, but it was fun nonetheless.

Credit: Kevinn Bok