Holgate Toy Company
Wooden toy design
My work with the Holgate toy company as a freelance designer would first start with reworking the artwork for their most popular toy, "Hickory Dickory Dock" a wooden clock. The toy teaches children numbers, shapes and telling time.
Over time I would develop for the company several different toy lines and be the only toy, package and brand identity designer for the company from 1992 - 1997.
I captured the playfullness of mice and cheese to go with the Hickory Dickory Dock nursery rhyme theme of the popular clock. I was then requested to modify the Holgate logo to reflect that same childlike essence. I added the hand drawn children graphics to the logo and created drawings for the Holgate story on the back of the box. I changed the color palette from red, white and blue to primary childrens colors to carry the theme through out. 
The dog and duck prototypes were redesigns of original toys produced in the 50s. I updated the images to fit the toy shapes and reshaped the head of the duck to fit the new graphics. The dog design was a counter balance that had been carefully created to give the illusion of the dog walking when pulled, it was crtical to leave the shape of the dog the same as original to preserve this feature.
I was commissioned to develop a line of vehicles that could compete at the price point of the then newly popular "Thomas the Tank" train set. I designed this line of cars and trucks, no lareger than 3 x 4 inches that would market at the same price point. The cars were made of maple wood, so the series was named "Maplewood." The graphics were kept simple and child friendly. I designed specialty cars for holiday limited release.
I designed a limited edition series of stick ponies with imprinted antique carousel horse images. These toys were sold for 2 consecutive years.
I designed a set of endagered animal baby chairs, sized for preschool children.
I designed a variety of packaging styles incorporating the same elements from the Hickory Dickory Dock clock.
I was requested to design several block sets with different themes imprinted on them. This would give extended play options to children.
I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Rogers on several promotional projects including a children's step stool, reworking artwork for the packaged trolley, creating artwork for the handeez style trolley, designing a limited edition maplewood truck commemorating a visit to the store by Mr McFeely and a set of decorated blocks.