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Orgullo 2023
Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design
2023 Pride Campaign of Murcia City Council
One of the main goals of our campaign proposal was to be 100% inclusive. Far from getting involved in political issues, we wanted to create a message and a design to stand out for all the members of the LGBTQ+ community.

To achieve this, we decided to look back at what we all once were. Under the slogan
“Use all the colors back again” we propose using the unbiased perspective that children naturally have to provoke reflection among the citizens.

The message is directed towards adults, but with children as the mirror in which to
reflect. As an adult, you also had a perspective free from negative connotations, social labels or prejudices accumulated throughout your life experience. There was a day when you also painted without caring about shapes, using all the colors. And precisely, it is those colors that can create a world where all people fit.
The campaign consists of 37 billboards that have been hand-painted, making each one completely unique and different from the rest. Additionally, there are three
variations of digital billboards, an advertising spot, and several creativities for social
media communication.


Recuerda. Tú también tuviste esa visión alguna vez.
Con la que nacemos. Con la que nos empezamos a expresar.
Sin ideas preconcebidas.
Sin prejuicios. Sin normas.
Sin formas adecuadas o inadecuadas.
Trazando un mundo en el que cabemos todas las personas.



Remember. You also had that vision once.
The one we are born with. The one we begin to express ourselves with.
Without preconceived ideas.
Without prejudices. Without rules.
Without appropriate or inappropriate forms.
Tracing a world in which all people fit.
The copies were developed in collaboration with advertising creative
Daniel Méndez Cerdá. The spot was filmed and edited by Antonio Carreño.
Thanks for watching.
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Orgullo 2023


Orgullo 2023

Concept + Art Direction + Graphic Design for the 2023 Pride Campaign of Murcia Council Under the slogan “Vuelve a usar todos los colores,” (Use Read More