Beasts Of Love
Motion Graphics
We are thrilled to present our latest addition to the 2023 merchandise line: “Beasts of Love” scarf. At BOL, we are deeply passionate about our craft, which is why we decided to unveil this new product in a unique and unexpected way through animation.
Creating the animation was a fun and exciting process for our team. We wanted to create something that was visually striking and we absolutely loved the opportunity to play with both the tangible scarf and the digital narrative.

While making decisions about the art and defining characters, we also worked directly on the animatic without creating a storyboard first. This was a new approach for us, as we wanted to have more creative freedom and see where it would take us.
As we progressed, We wanted a less polished visual style, with a broken brush, to support speed effects and the smears of the animation. We designed the characters, props, and landscapes, such as the bamboo forest and snowy landscape, in an organic but unusual order.

We chose traditional animation to compose the different elements of the scene. For the audio, we had two musical references: the 70s Kung Fu TV series with David Carradine and the late 80s Akira movie.
The Scarf is a playful design that features a powerful tiger symbolizing the wildness of creativity, a heart with a sword representing love and passion, and a flower representing the care we put into our craft.
We hope that the beast in the video will bring out the bravery and love within you, and wish you the best of luck in 2023!
Directed by Devicers
Executive Producer: Ibran Trassiera
Head of Production: Victoria Ventura
Production: Ariadna Pons
Direction: Guille Comin
Art Direction: Eudald Salarich, Deiff Mg
Illustration: Eudald Salarich, Deiff Mg
Lead animation: Karla Cuba
Animation: Kyrylo Novikov, Juan Huarte, Luke Etcheverry, Sophie Smeets
Clean Up: Eudald Salarich, Karla Cuba, Luke Etcheverry, Sophie Smeets, Deiff Mg
Compositing: Ester Dus
Music & Sound Design: Raül Peix
Mix & Mastering: Raül Peix
Scarf design: Deiff Mg

Beasts Of Love

Beasts Of Love

Beasts of Love scarf video Teaser