MWK ❖ FKC | Visual Identity

About the Client:

The Marketing w Kulturze conference and the Forum Kultury Cyfrowej are two "sister" events that will take place day after day - on October 25 and 26 this year in Gdansk.

Marketing w kulturze (Marketing in Culture) is a nationwide event for people involved in communication, marketing and promotion in public cultural institutions, the private sector related to culture and non-governmental organizations.

Forum Kultury Cyfrowej (The Digital Culture Forum) was planned in response to the expectations of the cultural sector community related to digital transformation in cultural institutions.


The task was to create a visual identity for both events in such a way that each could function both separately and together. This year's change of location of the institution's headquarters was to be included in a fresh approach to this project, and the look was to be different from previous editions. Accessibility was also an important factor.

The Idea:

The result of the design work was a choice of modern grotesque typography, simple generative shapes set in motion with Cavarly and contrasting colors against a black background. The blocky, simple form of the layout, combined with many geometric shapes, gave a distinctive yet clear expression to the entire identity.

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Photos: IKM flickr

Director: Jacek Nowak

Designer: Jacek Nowak

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MWK ❖ FKC | Visual Identity