Femme Indonesia is an event organizer and female blogger. Specialized for ladies and women event only.

Client Info:
+ Name: Aida Yasifa
+ Occupation: Production Manager
+ Corporate: Femme Indonesia
+ Socmed: www.facebook.com/aida.yasifa
+ Website: www.femmeindonesia.com

Detail Logo:
Femme is symbolized by a ribbon bow. Because it just wears by females, and gives impression 'exclusively for women'. It literally compatible with the event organizer concept. They just organize events about women.

The colours consist of a linear-gradient that starts magenta, and transitioning to pink, then back to magenta. Magenta represents innovative, imaginative, harmony and balance in every part of life. Innovative, because Femme always tries to give innovation or something different from the other. It also has organized impression, because it wants to be an organized team even they stand with all female members. And the colour pink in business means feminine, youthful, and calm. It is the right colour to implement the young soul of the team. Moreover, the colour pink is a colour used in businesses relating to the female market such as cosmetics, fashion, beauty, and romance. 

Femme Indonesia's Logo
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