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Central Park in CBD
12.2007, Beijing, China
方案位于北京中央商务区规划中的绿廊中,是绿地系统中的重要节点,面积2.88公顷。    项目旨在解决三个主要问题:1,为高密度的商业区提供宜人的开放绿地;2,将被道路分割的南北地段整合起来,为南北公园不同的使用人群提供不同的场所;3,有独特的设计元素使它成为标志性景观。    解决的途径如下:1,通过微地形的塑造和野生态植物的栽种使公园具有自然野趣;2,通过相同元素的重复出现达到南北公园视觉上的统一,用天桥连同被阻隔的人行交通;3,用独特的“灌木峡谷”增强公园的可识别性。

The central park is positioned in the center of a proposed corridor in CBD, with the area of approximately 2.88 ha.
The primary issues of the project are: 1, The project tries to improve the environment of CBD and provide the city with a green island and an interesting open space. 2, The site of the park is circle and is equally divided into two parts by a four-lane road. The northern part is close to residential district and the southern part adjoins to commercial district. 3, The park needs something special to identify itself and attract people.

The issues are addressed as follows: 1, Creating a pleasant micro-climate and injecting the image of wild nature to CBD by using micro-terrain and wild vegetations, which also add interesting views to the park and helps to create wonderful special sense. 2,  Use some similar design elements in both northern and southern parks such as “bush- corridors”, activity areas, pavement, and facilities. 3, In order to identify the park and impress people, the special element ”bush current”, which consists of repeating bushes, is used to create extraordinary view in both northern and southern parks.

Northern Park 

Since there are residential buildings around, the Northern Park provides scattering squares for children playing and people relaxing. The scale of the different places designed in the northern park is comfotable  for human use, and the security of the facilities for children playing is considered. Wild trees and grass are planted on the terrain of the northern park to make an image of wild nature with plank path winding through.
The square in the southern park

It is the most important node in the southern park, which adjoins the commercial facilities. The square is the entrance to the commercial area for people coming down from the bridge, and is also the transition place from the noisy commercial environment to quiet park.