Just Ply
No Glue. No fixings. No tools... Just Ply
Just Ply is exactly that... Just Ply.

The entire suite of lounge furniture is designed so that it requires no glue for joints, no additional fixings such as plates, screws, or nails, and can be self assembled.

Each part plays an integral role in keeping the whole piece together and has been described as elegant engineering with with wood.

Just Ply is best manufactured using a 5 axis cnc router or 5 axis water jet cutter for best accuracy and consistancy, however it could be manufactured by hand using a number of jigs.

Chair Revision 2 and footstool. Revision 2 has improved ergonomics and was cut using a 5 axis CNC router.
New coffee table, based on the same principals as the chair, and many shared components.
Footstool / Side table - in it's current position it is the perfect height to be used as a side table next to the lounge chair. Turned on it's side it's ergonomics make it a very comfortable foot stool to accompany the lounge chair (see above).
Chair finished in a light oak wood stain complete with cushion.
Fresh from the CNC cutter, the joints line up perfectly with no adjustment required
1:6 Scale models were made with a laser cutter at each stage of the furnitures development to see how things would fit together and look.
Just Wood