• We went deep into the woods for this one.
    Our friends from This is Pacifica asked us for our help to bring this character brand to life.
    To help develop this identity we went to the motion capture studio and transformed the 2D typography into a 3D moving character.
    The challenge was to take an abstract typography, not a character design, and figure out how it would behave.
    Not only the anatomy, where the elbows and knees bend, how it moves, etc, but mainly in terms of its personality. What makes it a troll?
    By capturing the performance of an actor, the typography gains human-like characteristics and is able to convey emotion.
    See more of this project at This is Pacifica's Behance portfolio
  • Film Teaser
  • The Making of Troll
  • Look Development - lighting and textures
  • Artwork for Poster
  • Valdemar Santos photo by Tiago Carvalho
  • Troll Brand Development
  • Credits:
    Directed and VFX: Loopa
    Brand Concept/ Art Direction: This is Pacifica
    Performance: Valdemar Santos
    DOP: Tiago Carvalho
    Produced by: Loopa and Bernardo Fonseca
    Assistant Director: Raquel Moutinho
    VFX Intern: José Maria RRA
    Sound Design and Audio Mix: Francisco Rua and Pedro Ferraz
    Audio Works: Miew
    Special Thanks: Cimbalino Filmes
    MoCap Studio: CCD UCP Porto