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Greedy scent, with the scent you want

Greedy scent, a new daily life filled with the scent you want
New Brand Identity and Total Branding

March 2023 - ing

Greedy scent is a lifestyle skincare and fragrance brand designed to awaken the instinctive beauty of stimulating individual greed and finding products that satisfy it by presenting new standards for scent, with a new wind-like atmosphere in a desolate daily life.
How does it feel when you suddenly smell the scent of wrapping around the tip of your nose while walking in a quiet gray alley? Doesn't the scent get you out of the gray of your daily life and enliven your mind?

Greedy Scent is a brand that was created to bring a new sense to that daily life. It provides a scent that will fill your daily life, making small moments feel rich and special.

We pursue scents that make small moments of everyday life beautiful. Our scent is not just a good smell, but it stimulates your senses, awakens your memory, and gives you a new experience.

Our scent stimulates greed. The scent that awakens desire and passion will be like a sweet temptation. So you'll discover a better self, explore the other side of your life.

Greedy Scent brings together scented artists to complete scents for you through creative combinations and focused research. Our products stand out with excellent quality and delicate design, and decorate your space beautifully.

From now on, your daily life will be filled with rich, vibrant scents with Greedy Scent. Through our products, you will be able to travel to the world of fragrance and enjoy a unique experience.

Greedy Scent gives you a greedy scent to change your daily life and make it shine even more. Join Greedy Scent now.
Brand Name

The brand name, which combines two words, "greedy" and "scent," was intended to contain the meaning of a brand that provides a greedy scent.
Key visual

Use minimal images representing experimental elements as the brand's core visual images. The brand's design identity is a design grid tag that is positioned on the right side of the package, signage, and branding elements, and branding elements.
Brand Core Values & Essence

According to greedy scents, core values represent the brand's clear direction to customers and the elements that consumers need. The goal is to become a daily brand that satisfies new greed in ordinary life.
Brand Color & Material

The colors and materials of the greedy scents were found in aluminum and grayish-colored sculptural elements of ordinary daily life. We wanted to bring a sophisticated and experimental atmosphere by using artificial and cold materials.
Brand Experience

Based on the modern and simple atmosphere with deep design, the logo type, color, and graphic design are used as visual elements of the brand so that customers can get to know, see, feel, and experience the brand through various applications.
Greedy scent, with the scent you want


Greedy scent, with the scent you want