Heartsurge Exhibit D - Awakening
Heartsurge family is extremely proud to release their first themed exhibition "Exhibit D: Awakening".
Yet again we decided to challenge ourselves to work along the theme of waking up, both in a real way
and a surreal sense. These past months our artists worked hard to bring you 31 high quality works
of art and music to wake you up. What you can expect is something that crosses the reality and delves deep into your sense of interpretation, both through your eyes and ears. 

We decided to underline the new talent that arrived since our third exhibition in the shape of German photographer Benny Brand and chose him as the well deserved featured artist of Exhibit D: Awakening.
Benny was one of the first new artists who joined after our well received Exhibit C.
With his creative mind he submitted some amazing photography as well as proving himself to be a valuable asset to the collective. Read the interview with him here

And last but certainly not least. We are extremely excited to bring you V3 of Heartsurge.
Aside from making the exhibition itself, our web-oriented members worked hard on making this a true representation of what Heartsurge is about.

Now that we have told you everything we can tell you, sit back, breathe in and immerse yourself in the phenomenon of Awakening. 

Below is a small taste of what you can expect. 

Amanda Deming
Martin Grohs
Lucas Camesoz
Romain Clervoy
Joeri Taelman
Juan Carlos Barquet
Benny Brand
Kees van Duyn
Maarten Kleyne
Rik Salomé
Sahir Khan
Krzysztof Olak
Matthew K. Shorthair
Jake Logsdon
Heartsurge Exhibit D: Awakening