Game description summary:
MemoWii takes the concept of storing and executing the same sequence used by the game “Simon”. In the case of memoWii it is the position of the wiimote should must be remembered. Each player in turn adds a position creating a sequence of movements. This sequence is repeated by the next player before he/she can add an additional movement. The game ends when one player makes a mistake in the sequence movements.

The game begins when the first player records the first position using the A or B buttons of the wiimote. When passing the wiimote to one’s neighbor, the LEDs light up from left to right. In turn, the next player repeats this position by pressing A or B. Where he/she has done all the movements correctly, the wiimote signals through a short vibration and the four LEDs blink  meaning that he has managed the sequence correctly and should in turn add an additional position. If the player makes a mistake in one of the positions of the sequence, the Wiimote starts to vibrate continuously ending the game. To restart the next game and stop the vibration, just press button 1.