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Content generated for the video that is projected at our dance party. It is used as a "station i.d." and to served as a meeting ground for our patrons. We want to connect with them with pop icons.
more video content
Here is how Rockbox Dance Party goes. Lots of people dancing, a of records, and lots of drinks. See the back wall there. That's where the video gets projected.
Advertisements for Renegade Magazine.
Our independent dj-friendly record of blends and remixes.
Flyer August - September
Front and backside of our april 2008 flyer
dance party flyer.
Here's the sticker. It is clear and we had to experiment with the adhesiveness.
One month we designed a card for our patrons. The printing company messed up the order. They never even started it after it was submitted. We were in crisis mode. This was the one of my favorite solutions to a possible promotional nightmare. Here's our card.