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TLPD2 - Team Liquid's Progaming Database (unreleased)

In the early 2010s, Team Liquid's Progaming Database (TLPD) was the premiere resource for esports statistics on StarCraft. In 2013 I was asked to design version 2, greatly expanding the data and functionality it offered and preparing it for new games.

Unfortunately, while a lot of great work was done the project never released. So here's a bit of what the new experience would have been like.
TLPD2 covered more information on players and teams statistics, leagues, maps, and games. And with new data analysis tools, there were new ways to find interesting stories about competitive matches.
The vision for TLPD2 was much larger than it's predecessor. Designed to be clearer, more capable, and more usable, it was also ready for mobile and 4k users as well.
Layers of Detail
Most pages had 2 types of data: information directly about the topic — like stats for a best of 7 between Flash and Jaedong — and additional information that added more context. Previous matches for two players for example. Or player-specific or racial win rates on a specific map. There were lots of new ways to examine the pro scene.
The New Brand
TLPD didn't really have a brand, it was just a part of TL. So when crafting a completely new experience I wanted create a strong identity.
While I explored a number of ideas, ultimately, many of the more "creative" ideas were passed on for something more recognizable, and clear:
TLPD2 was an amazing opportunity to work on a complex, data-heavy project. And despite it not releasing I'm still incredibly proud of the work and the results.
Client: Team Liquid
Design and Front-End Development: Nik Jeleniauskas
Year: 2013–14 (unreleased)

TLPD2 - Team Liquid's Progaming Database (unreleased)


TLPD2 - Team Liquid's Progaming Database (unreleased)

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