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Giving Care and Getting Care

Family caregivers are people who take care of a family member or loved one with a disability or serious medical condition. Many family caregivers are parents, spouses, or children who come into the role unexpectedly, without enough time or resources to prepare. And since most insurance companies don’t cover everything families need for adequate care, many caregivers are left feeling overwhelmed, alone, and unsure of what to expect and where to go for support.
The pamphlet folds-out to reveal an oversized poster.
Giving Care and Getting Care is a bilingual English and Spanish fold-out poster that explains insurance programs and resources that can help cover the costs of long-term care. The project also includes tips and support from Caring Across Generations’ network of caregivers, and folds open into a vibrant poster that includes demands for a better, more equitable care system.

Giving Care and Getting Care is a product of Making Policy Public, a program of the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), which brings together policy advocates and designers.
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Left: The collaborators meet to discuss illustration style inspiration. Right: Caregiving fellows weigh-in on a sketch of the publication.
Learn more about the project and order a copy on the CUP website.

Designers: Noopur Agarwal, Kathy Mueller
CUP: Genea Foster, Siyona Ravi, Sucharitha Yelimeli
Community Partner: Caring Across Generations: Antonia Madian, Charlotte Dodge, Namatie Mansaray, Janet Kim
Giving Care and Getting Care

Giving Care and Getting Care

A bilingual publication to help new caregivers understand and navigate the care system. Created as a Making Policy Public Design Collaborator wit Read More