Per Zennstrom + Michael Sontag + LEICA
... an interactive, multi-media collaboration.
I was invited by iconic camera manufacturer LEICA to participate in a fashion photography show during the Berlin Fashion Week July 2011, which gave me the opportunity to work with their flagship S2 system...

Early on in the process I realized that I wanted to do a bit more than just hanging a picture on the wall and because of my interest in new media and technology I wanted to make use of QR codes and on-line video. My main idea was to try to transform this project into an opportunity for me to speak with a few different voices, but still tell the same story, via photography, video, modern interactive tech but also using PR and marketing as integrated tools to get our message across... In essence I became a creative director, photographer, director, PR & marketing person, all rolled into one.

My stylist Christian Stemmler / Bigoudi proposed that we should approach fashion designer Michael Sontag who's interest in new media & technology and proved to be a perfect match for this guerilla campaign. 
Michael was very open minded and gave us all his support and thanks to our partnership with Michael this project became a bit more substantial and maybe also slightly subversive...
Modeling agency Viva was an valued partner and the beautiful Nastasia Koechy was a great choice for us, being a modern cutting-edge type girl who really fit into Michael Sontags universe.
My dear friend and longtime collaborator Tony Lundström, proved once again that his intrest in creating an image and telling a story goes well beyond hair & make-up and Tony was essential in every aspect of this project.
Anne Kotte at WeLoveArtbuying 
was overseeing the whole project together with Marc Lethenet from Leica providing support for all my different and sometimes "off the wall" ideas, Thank You !
A special Thank You to Lars Witmaak and Simon Geis at Recom Art who provided the gallery space and also was responsible for the postproduction and retouch of the images that were printed on beautiful Hahnemuehle paper

Essentially this project have three distinct "stand alone" parts that still co-exist and support each other together as a whole. These three layer were variations on the same theme and they came together for one night, blending together for a very rich experience.

...this video piece is the second element of the 3 distinctive components in this multi-media event.
Occupying the space where art, photography and digital technology meet and mix this event made use of both the latests digital technology such as QR codes as well as re-assuringly old-school technology such as flyers on the street & temporary tattoo's...

Video by: Per Zennström /
Stylist: Christian Stemmler / Bigoudi
Hair&Make-Up: Tony Lundström / Mika's
Model: Nastasia / Viva
Sound: Juliana Hodkinson
Solar flare imagery: NASA
... and here is the documentation of the event where You get the feel for how smoothly the QR codes added the on-line video as a "layer" on top of the event.
... and the last phase was to bring the project into the street, old-school style, posting small flyers (w. the QR code) at laser targeted locations in Berlin,such as design-photography-architecture bookstores