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    Flirt.com.au is an online dating portal, where anyone who wants to flirt around in Australia can sign up for free and know about the science of f… Read More
    Flirt.com.au is an online dating portal, where anyone who wants to flirt around in Australia can sign up for free and know about the science of flirting. The site also comes with a very convenient mobile version. Read Less
Do you need that extra push to put yourself out there and approach that hottie giving you the eye from across the room. Forget about the fear of rejection, no matter what happens, when you do a little bit of flirting (even if it leads to nothing) you are doing something that is good for your health. Yep you read that correctly, a little bit of flirting really is good for you. Whether you are single, or are in a relationship, a bit of flirting fun is beneficial to your relationship with others, as well as being beneficial to your physical and emotional health. The good news is you don't have to have the flirting skills of Casanova to get these health benefits, as long as your not repeatedly getting punched in the face. So what are the health benefits of flirting? Read on to find out.
. Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem - How we feel about ourselves is paramount to our personal well-being, if we feel bad about our self, it can lead to feelings of depression and low self-worth. A little bit of flirting, whether it be harmless or romantic, can make you feel attractive again, giving a big boost to your feelings of self worth and self-esteem - Remember your emotional health can be just as important as your physical health. However, it is also important to remember your boundaries; if you are in a relationship harmless flirting is fine, but don't do anything you know your partner would be unhappy with.
. Bye, Bye Stress - We all know how destructive stress can be on our lives; persistent stress can lead to all sorts of digestive problems, including indigestion and stomach ulcers, and it can have a negative effect on blood pressure. So how can you reduce your levels of stress? Well get flirting of course. Researchers at the University of Washington found that a bit of cheeky flirting in the workplace can help workers to remain happy and stress- free, and even improve workplace relationships. So anytime you feel your stress levels building, particularly at work, you know what to do...flirt.
. If You're Happy and You Know It - Getting yourself stuck in a rut, either in your relationship, or in your single life, is not good for you. It can cause you to feel down in the dumps, it might even send you off to the fridge to do some comfort eating, something to fill that void. Don't fill that void with fattening food, fill it will the good vibes and happy feelings you get from flirting - it can spice up your relationship at home, or if you are single it can land you the partner of you dreams.
. A Bit Of Chemistry  - I will try and not sound too much like a science lesson here, but we really should mention body chemistry. Us humans are designed to be social creatures and even babies have an inborn ability to flirt as a survival mechanism - we are clearly meant to be flirtatious. Something as small as a flirtatious smile triggers a ripple effect, not only having a positive effect on those you meet but also on yourself, by boosting internal body chemistry with the release of the feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine.
So there you have it, the perfect excuse to flirt, you're doing it for your health.
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