CORE 002
Industrial Design

CORE 002 DANGEROUS Cosmetic (Lipstic)

'CORE 002 DANGEROUS' is the second line-up of CORE. 
It uses a metal outer container. It is not a product that is used once and thrown away. 
We wanted to create a product that can best express the user's behavioral habits and identity, 
which naturally increases the traces of use with the user.

'DANGEROUS' lipstick has a new refill method that has never existed before.
The refill product is attached to the product through the tool included in the product, and through the action of turning to lock and unlock.
We have an image that seems to be maintenance with attachment to the product.

'DANGEROUS' lipstick is a product that shares the design language of 'CORE' related to metal materials.
The texture was emphasized through strong and sharp cutting that can show the physical properties of metal.

Design  /   d'ORIGIN
Date  /   2023

A New Concept of Lipstick Refill Method

In a way that can be used by replacing lipstick refills of various colors, it can be rotated and detached through the intaglio parts 
can be attached and detached. Color of product printed on intaglio surface It is written and related information is also indicated 
on the bottom. The new refill method provides diversity and new experiences to users.

CORE 002 Refill Method

You can insert and remove a lipstick refill by rotating it to 10°. It has a simple detachable method 
and a 'CORE' with a new lipstick refill method and a stable fixing method It's lipstick.

In addition to Cosmetic product design, 
d'ORIGIN also designed the CORE's Branding and packaging. 
If you would like to see the branding project about CORE, please see the link below.


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Songpa-gu, Seoul,Republic of Korea, 05623

directed by Dongmin Chung

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CORE 002