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In Southern Italy

Cara Italia, perché giusto o sbagliato che sia questo è il mio paesecon le sue grandi qualità ed i suoi grandi difetti.                                                                                       (Enzo Biagi)
Dear Italy, right or wrong this is my country with its great qualities and its biggest flaws.
One day I was looking around for old stuff at my place. I can defintely say I've been so luckybecause what I found was an old camera that my mom loved to use. I remember it too.Every picture of my childhood was taken with that camera.What I didn't know was that the Olympus OM-1n was a really hot camera in 1977!Unfortunately the only lenses I was able to find was an old tele by Tamronthat hardly survived to an attempted robbery in Paris.My mom grabbed the camera like a wrestler and saved it. For me! (Not exactly but...)Everything had the clear and nice sound of a new challenge. 
I took all the pics you're going to see around in souther Italy during a burning hot summer.
I love to think that some of those places never changed since Ulysses took its first steps down there.