Film Festival Posters
My Animations, My Posters
These are Film Festival Posters from 2001 to 2010. Most were animations that screened at the deadCenter Film Festival in Oklahoma City. A few are "Coming Soon" posters of animations that are not complete... yet.
 "Kitty" a music video from 2004 with backgrounds from Route 66 photos.
"Rez Rider and the Lost Cat" is a "Coming Soon" poster. The 12-minute script is done. The storyboard is in pre-production.
"Aussies in the Workplace"  was one of my first videos that went to film festivals in 2001. It's about a former crocodile hunter who gets a job in a copy shop. When he applies his "skills" to the new work place, disaster strikes.
It was created using toys, metal parts and props I made. It won the Grand Jury Award at the 1st deadCenter Film Festival in Oklahoma City.
 "Kitty" another poster from the Route 66 Film Festival.
"Home Invasion" from 2008.
"Doomsday Catch Phrase" poster from 2010 deadCenter Film Festival.
 A "collected works" poster of some of my short films from 2001-2002. Includes "Aussies in the Workplace", "Defraggin' the Noggin", "Tattle-Tale Heart" and "Get the Picture".