Icon Design
One emoji font contains approximately 100 facial expressions. Tossface expresses 
a wide range of facial expressions using basic shapes and minimal descriptions.

It also includes 3D animated emojis that allow for more abundant expression of emotions,
with small movements that enhance the liveliness of each emoji.

Hand & gesture emojis are also made consistent, as if a single character 
expresses multiple hand movements and gestures.

Since emojis are both visual languages and fonts, 
we made all about 3,600 emojis the same size so that they look equally sized visually. 
So, from an ant to a whale, they are designed with the same size and similar density.

The colors of all emojis were created with a single color palette that can be seen well on 
both white and black backgrounds to enhance usability in the digital environment.

Just as we adjusted the angle, we also unified the direction. To keep the line of
sight intact, all directional emojis are made to face to the right.

Several key objects were created with 3D emojis.
It can be used to increase visual impact and attention.

You can download the entire Tossface ttf file
from the official website below.​​​​​​​

Thank you for watching!

Created by Toss Graphic Design Team
Hyunseon Ko :
Eunho Lee :
Kyungtae Kim :
Inyoung Choi :
Doi Park :



Tossface is a font made of 3,600 emojis. Emoji is a visual language that everyone understands, so I made it dreaming of a world where everyone ca Read More