Paradise Guerrilla - Intoxicated
Motion Graphics

Paradise Guerrilha is a group formed by the members Frankstation, U.F.O, and Starlight, with a musical proposal rooted in pop but with a unique identity. The music video for "Intoxicated" features the integration of visual effects and virtual production technology to bring forth the whimsical atmosphere of this non-human love depicted in the song.

We developed three scenarios that are explored throughout the narrative of the music video. The first one is composed of floating crystals and stones, portraying a completely new and unknown location for the character. In the second scenario, we worked in a animated object representing an spaceship opening a portal. The narrative is then concluded in an environment that references a temple, where the encounter between Starlight, Frankstation, and U.F.O takes place.

The videography created for virtual production application has a language that immerses the characters in the scenarios. Together with art direction, we were able to extract the maximum integration of the real and virtual, combining two worlds and creating a unique universe.

The scenarios were all created using Unreal Engine for real-time 3D application development. During the recording, the environments applied on the LED panels linked with the real camera tracking its movement, there for generated the parallax effect as the camera moved. 
In addition to the scenarios, we used 3D simulation to create a "liquid" that interacts with the character during a language transition moment in the music video.​​​​​​​


Direction: Juliana Matos and Luciano Ferrarezi
Creative Direction: Juliana Matos and Luciano Ferrarezi
Content Direction: Juliana Matos and Luciano Ferrarezi
Executive Production: Gisele Tressi
Assistant Direction: Raissa Matos
Virtual Production: Quanta
Virtual Production Direction: Diogo Costa Pinto
Virtual Production Operation: Leonardo Silvério
Virtual Production Operation Assistant: Maureenn Schramm
Virtual Production Producer: Gabriela Bezerra
3D Content: Studio Cosmo,VJ Não Consta
3D Art Direction: Vinícius Goulart
Virtual Production Supervision: Miguel Sacomano and André Gallego
Concept: Vinícius Goulart and Carolina Batista
3D Artists: João Crest,  Victor Pagano, André Gallego and Miguel Sacomano
Simulation: Anderson Noise
Composition: Mateus Perpetuo
Editing: Victor Cohen
Production Team: Marina Tressi, Guilherme Miranda, Gabriela Serrano and Jorge Mendes
Cinematography: Lucas de Oliveira
1st Assistant Cinematography: Peterson Lomovtov
2nd Assistant Cinematography: Paulo Vinícius Rodrigues da Silva
Video Assistant: Rodrigo César dos Reis Soares (Digo)
GMA : Vitor Alves de Lima (Vitinho)
COLOR: Leandro Lamezi
Lighting Design: Bruna Isumavut
Lighting Team: Marcinho Oliveira, Vinicyus Oliveira, Thauan Rodrigues, Sérgio Garson, Alexandre Bafe and Kelton John
Gaffer: Tin Tin
Grips: Roberto Ferreira Marujo and Paulo Cardoso da Silva
Costume: George Krakowiak
Costume Assistant: Isabella Vieira
Makeup: Branca Moura
Carolina Silva - assistant
Character 3D Artists: Dejumatos, Gabriela Serrano and Raissa Matos
Actor: Pedrones

Paradise Guerrilla - Intoxicated