Solo Show
Solo Show
Live album cover design for Vinicio Capossela, italian songwriter, 2009
The cd cover has been conceived as a small theater stage, with its wings: only when the digipack is opened, the title can be read entirely. By doing so, the logo size can be as big as it would be on an LP cover.
A cover conceived as a small theater stage, with its wings
Digipack cover opened
Cover and spine detail
Inside the digipack
Some booklet pages
The concert lighting set, based on a typical circus bulb lighting, inspired the cd logo and the t-shirts
The three available t-shirts are based on the concept of the circus bulb lightings. Some lights are on, while others stay off.
“Magia, magia, magia!” project (“Magic, magic, magic!”), unpublished. Christopher Wonder, the magician, sawed in two, a magic-graphic trick.
Solo Show