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Flash Website for Liderazgo Quántico.
Liderazgo Quántico
Welcome to your evolution.
Liderazgo Quántico (LQ) is a revolutionary human development, leadership and coaching system hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico. The system's main milestone and premise states that when one evolves by their own means and awareness, a bigger chain of events will trigger the evolution around us, thus, completing what within the system is known as the "LQ Condition".
LQ was created by Jorge Cuevas, architect, writer, entrepreneur and panel speaker at various conferences to help develop our own talents and grow upon them.

Dev Comments:
The site was built using the GAIA Framework ( It is very deep-linkable, managed by an XML CMS / Editor and using some databases for a small forum and community. The design was made with a fixed layout and grid.

Concept, Design and Flash Development: Iván Soria.
Aditional Graphic Design: Pablo César Gutiérrez.
IA, Content Direction and Copy: Yazmín Castellanos.
Aditional Copy: Osiris Morales.
LQ created by: Jorge Cuevas.
Music: Aarnio ( Used under CC BY 2.5 (
Technical Aspects: ActionScript 2.0, GAIA Framework, PHP and MySQL.