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    Project is to show my portfolio to others.
I saw this couple while stopping by to buy something to eat. I thought that can be interesting shoot, because in Poland (where i come from) is not a lot people of different racis. I like here lightening and that they look like relaxed
I wanted to connect two interesting topics - old car and woman sitting in caffe shop. nd then i got this idea, that i can use window reflexion to connect them both.
I wanted to show different culture. I like connection with t-shirt and African American woman, who is not happy what for me looks like she went through a lot in her life.
Who has not been touris? I think that everybody have been in situation that new city was overwhelming and one thing that could help was a map and a little bit of good luck.
The anger of this woman is accurate with her background. Her face and body language doen't make you thinking nicely about her .
In XXI century a lot of people is in rush. I wanted to show this movement by blurring backround.
For me this picture is in favor of stereotyoe ''white woman". Starbuck coffe , fog anf somebody to talk with in big city. It's like i could include all of those stereotypes in one picture.
I see woman version of ''Oasis". Simple looking shoots and glasses makes this shoot unique.
Not everybody is happy in colorful world. I like the sight in this picture nad that background is blurred.
Smile is unique and universal language for everybody. That's why i like it.
Black and white word. When one is bad and other is good. I think that is just in cartoons and this picture seems to be like one of those.