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Horizon Anthology
Logo Design by Adam Del Re
HORIZON is a book about aftermath. What happens after the hero faces the evil of the age?
After the peasant becomes king? After the great war for the realm?
What happens when there’s nothing left to fight for?
Fifteen artists answered that question, and the end result is a beautiful comic anthology featuring a wide range of art styles, from mainstream to indie and everything in between.
The book was launched as a Kickstarter project in May of 2014. It was successfully funded in June, and printed in July of that same year.
Editor and Designer
Jeremy Lawson
Logo Design
Adam Del Re
Cover Artwork
Jeremy Lawson
Sarah Stern
Adam Del Re
Ally Shwed
Angael Davis
Athena Currier
Bryant LaMare
David Stoll
Ian McGinty
Jen Hickman
Jeremy Lawson
Jorge Corona
Laura Neubert
Morgan Beem
Moses Nester
Nicky Soh
Sarah Stern
Mind the Gap - Jen Hickman
No More Villains - Angael Davis & Patricia Daguison
The Adventures of Wilt and Zeed: Dragonslayers - Bryant LaMare
A Lifelong Battle - Jorge Corona
Ember - David Stoll
Fairest of All - Morgan Beem
Cast in Stone - Laura Neubert
Mr. Victory in the Age of Suburbia - Athena Currier
Sun & Moon - Ally Shwed
Fire on the Horizon - Moses Nester
Happily Ever After - Nicky Soh
TRIBE - Ian McGinty
Adrift - Jeremy Lawson
The Way Out - Adam Del Re
Options - Sarah Stern
Horizon Anthology