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    Logo design for a church
The Grove Church
Logo Design

Logo Design for a church in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  The brief called for a redesign of their old identity as there was new leadership who wanted to create momentum toward a new vision for the future.  The target audience is a bit upscale in a community that values bike trails, farmers markets, and organic foods, but also is strongly tied to several large corporations whose headquarters are in town.  The name The Grove Church was originally chosen to suggest a community who share the same source of water and support each other through deep, connected root systems.  Their style is relational, casual, passionate, and Bible-based.


Unused Design: Icons represent their four purposes: Worship (flame), Reach (hand), Grow (leaf), and Send (arrow)
Unused Design: Custom typography represents plants growing together and connectedness
Unused Design: Tree roots growing together, supporting each other, and sharing the same source of water
Unused Design: Leaves form a 'g' for grove
Unused Design: Stylized grove of trees with custom typography
Unused designs: Exploration of leaf creating a G shape


Main Identity: Leaf motif with a subtle cross in the center
Horizontal Variation
Branded Display URL
Dark Background Variation
Horizontal Dark Background
Dark Background Branded URL
Modeled icon variation
Branding scheme with four purpose icons