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Branding, Logotype, Website design and development for a youth Travel Agency in Mexico.
Youth Travel Agency.
Boiling is a youth travel agency focused on Class and Senior Graduation Trips in Mexico. It is a flowing, live concept that blends and refines ideas to create unique experiences.

Previously called A&A, Boiling was born in summer 2009. The concept behind it involves a sudden burst of freedom and fun, graphically represented as a blast of black painting. The graduates should concentrate on having fun and enjoying their trip, hence, Boiling tries to blend exciting times with a relaxed experience in a pleasant environment.

Originally produced by iviStudio, the project now managed by SINDICATO.
Naming: Osiris Morales.
Logotype and Design Direction: Iván Soria.
Identity, posters and flyers: Iván Soria, Gustavo Rivera, Pablo César Gutiérrez.
Website design and development: Iván Soria.
Website Copy: Osiris Morales.