420 x 300mm
'Nightmare' by Rich Sheehan
Indigo Print
Heavyweight 250gsm Parch Marque Brite White Paper
420 x 300mm

     This piece relates to an array of personal influences, research and experiences which I've combined into one piece. Packed full of detail, the piece references dreams and nightmares, eastern and western mythology and folk tales. The hands cover the face but she cannot hide from what's in the mind and so even though the face is covered the eyes are still visible, a skeletal nose and mouth (painted on the back of the hands).
     The elaborate head dress that surround the head is an explosion of nightmarish visuals and mythological connotations. The eastern influences are inspired by buddha and the chinese zodiac- the nightmare being the year that's gone by, the rabbits representing the new year 2011 and they're depicted poised in a fighting stance to bring peace and a fresh beginning for this year (fighting the bad stuff!). The boar represents the year I began illustrating and the overall head piece depicts a dragon- representing next year and the future. Hands grab the shoulders to enforce the menacing form that is enveloping the figure. There's even two tiny skeletons having a banana...but there's no meaning for this haha and the rest of surprises and hidden details you can discover.

     I produced a limited number in the original black and white and then four other colourways: blue, orange, pink and green.

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