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    Miller High Life vs Hydro74
Not too long ago I got a epic opportunity to work with Miller High Life though Leo Burnett. They were working on some artist series cans with Harley Davidison and quite honored they asked me.  There was a total of 4 different artist including myself and they requested I take on a crest & bike can.  Epic!
This is the general creative process knowing what they were seeking.  Obviously we had the 'MAKE THE LOGO BIGGER' moment and shared that song a few times, but over all stoked.  For this I started with some rough doodles just to get a idea.  Thinking a nice big ass V-Twin, some working class tool, eagle wings represented perfectly those times as a kid when my pops would grab a beer after working on his bike.
As we progressed we refined and simplifed, which is bummer, but I'm still stoked to do this.  Thank you Miller High Life & Leo Burnett. You guys Eff'n Rule!