CAMPARI - Red hands premiere

Campari Red Hands are a special category of bartenders that have distinguished themselves for their creativity and for the passion they put in their work.

To celebrate the Campari Red Hands of 2023 we created a unique event in Milan in which 7 international bartenders put their experiences and skills under the spotlight of the magical the seventh art: the cinema.

This was the CAMPARI RED HANDS PREMIERE. Enjoy it!

What do a bartender and a movie director have in common? More than what you may think.

Both work with passion, constantly find inspiration in the world that surrounds them, study different ways to tell a story and try to mix different ingredients to reach the desired result. 
Directors and Red Hands both need time to create their masterpiece. Even if you enjoy a movie or a cocktail in minutes, you can perceive that behind it there are years of work.

To enhance the similarities among Red Hands and movie directors, we ask to our Campari bartenders to create 7 cocktails inspired by 7 different iconic movie genres and then follow all the step to realize 7 short movies in which their creations are the main characters of the story, experiencing what does it mean to be - for once - behind the camera.

CAMPARI - Red hands premiere