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    Designed at Stag&Hare, NYC, Art Direction: Andrew Kibble
The World's Finest Portfolio of Cachaças
Sagatiba defines the never-ending story of the national spirit of Brasil.
Fusing more than 500 years of Brasilian cachaça-making tradition with the pursuit of innovation and progress into every bottle, Sagatiba continues to explore the range of possibilities with spirits made from fresh cut sugarcane.

Sagatiba defines, and re-defines, cachaça. Visit Sagatiba website for more information.

Redesigned at Stag&Hare, New York.
Sagatiba Pura and Velha Illustrations

The Purest Sugarcane Spirit
Sagatiba Pura's cutting edge multi-distillation process produces a very clean spirit with the delicate flavour and aroma of fresh cut sugarcane. Sagatiba Pura's unmatched versatility and mixability add Brasilian flair to any of your favourite cocktails, especially those calling for fresh and simple ingredients such as fruit juices and herbs.
The possibilities are infinite.


The Finest Character of Sugarcane Spirits

Sagatiba Velha (pronounced 'vel-ya') is for those who like a smooth spirit with character. It is handcrafted in small batches using the traditional copper pot distillation method, then laid to rest for at least 2 years in American white oak casks. This allows the full flavour notes of butternut and plantain to develop and gives the spirit its golden colour. Velha is a modern classic - enjoy its distinctive character neat, as a shot or add some Brasillian flair to your favourite cocktails.
The possibilities are infinite.
Website www.sagatiba.com
Visit www.sagatiba.com for more.